10 tips to avoid weight gain over the festive period

Enjoying the festive period and spending time with family is  essential. However it is easy to over indulge in food and drink. We also tend to be less active, spending a lot of time on the sofa, chatting or watching television. It is no surprise then that maintaining a healthy weight can present a challenge over Christmas and new year. We tend to gain an average of 1kg over the festive period. Although this might not sound like much, researchers have found that weight gained over the holiday period is rarely lost. Here are some tips on how to avoid weight gain over the festive period:

Keep to your meal routine

Try to eat at roughly the same times each day. Don’t skip meals – you will end up snacking on high calorie foods if you are too hungry.

Protein and vegetables first

Choose dishes that have more vegetables, legumes and whole-grains.

Caution with your portions 

Watching your portion size is one of the most important steps in guarding yourself from the over-eating trap this Christmas Don’t heap food on your plate, and think twice before going for a second helping.

Think about your drinks  

Choose water or calorie-free drinks, and limit alcohol.

Make healthy food swaps

The team at carbs and cals have put together very useful infographics on the calories in our favourite festive food and drink with some healthier swaps.

Plan ahead

Ensure you have some healthy snacks. In the shops, read the food labels, particularly the calorie, fat and sugar content.

Walk off the weight 

Walking off your Christmas lunch is a lovely way to end the day.

Up on your feet 

Stand up for 10 minutes every hour.

Eat mindfully

Try to pace yourself while you eat. Savour the taste, chew mindfully, and listen to how your body feels.  Slow down, sit down and don’t eat in front of the television or on the go.

Get plenty of sleep

When you are lacking sleep you are more likely to reach for comfort foods like chips and chocolate.


Finally, if you do overindulge, don’t beat yourself up, but do resolve not to make a habit of it. After all, you are entitled to a little enjoyment. It’s not what you eat today, it’s what you eat every day that counts.